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March 2014

School Safety News and Information.

Did you know that Interquest Detection Canines produces a monthly newsletter that provides valuable information on drug trends, hiding spots and news about enhancing school safety. This month’s newsletter focused on the trend of “hemp wicks” and smart phone marijuana scale applications. According to an online publication, the “Weed Street Journal” hemp wicks are used for the following: “A Hemp wick has a tremendous amount of advantages over butane lighters, …Read More

Marijuana Wax is Highly Concentrated, and our Drug Detection Dogs can find it!

Something that has been popping up in the school systems nationwide is marijuana wax. Something that looks like earwax or honeycomb but is actually marijuana. Drug experts say the waxy substance, is much more potent than a typical joint. Marijuana wax is one of the purest forms of THC – the active ingredient in pot. It is basically the most potent form of marijuana available. It would be something like …Read More

Contraband Hiding Places!

Contraband can be easy to hide, especially with products that are specifically made to conceal contraband inside common looking items. The good news is that our drug and contraband detection dogs can smell the contraband, and our handlers are trained to recognize when an item is suspicious, and will look further to make sure there is not contraband hidden. One of the most common hiding places is what looks to …Read More