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May 2014

Interquest Drug Detection Dogs Video!

In this week’s blog, a video says it all. This is an example of Interquest’s school detection program. It features some of our highly trained dogs sniffing in typical environments that we check in most schools. It promotes school safety, and good choices from students. Please take a minute to enjoy!

Summer is Coming, Drug Trends, Crack Baggies, Searches for Prom, Graduation, etc.

Summer’s Coming!   This school year, we have brought you information about various drugs and paraphernalia as we noticed their entry onto campuses . But, there are more trends to be aware of, and the landscape is constantly changing. For example, “molly” and “sizzurp”, both popularized in hip-hop songs are substances to look out for.  “Krokodil” a toxic opioid with horrific consequences for the user, is not a likely substance we will see but if you are …Read More

Powdered Alcohol, real or fake?

Recently, there has been press concerning “Palcohol” which is a powdered form of alcohol that you simply add water to, and presto, you have a cocktail or a beer. According to the manufacturer’s website: 1. Who created it and what exactly is it?  A guy named Mark Phillips. Imagine a Margarita on a counter. And then imagine if you could snap your fingers and it would turn into powder. That’s …Read More