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June 2014

Summertime at Interquest!

You might be wondering what our drug and contraband detection dogs do during the summer when schools are out. Some of us visit summer school and maintain a safe learning environment year round, we visit some industrial clients, making sure drugs, alcohol and weapons are not in the workplace, but most of our time is spent in training and maintaining the high quality of the Interquest dogs. In addition, we …Read More

Retirement Party, Interquest Detection Canines Have Their Service Recognized

This year we had 3 of our excellent dogs in Texas retire. They all provided excellent years of service with countless drug, alcohol, gunpowder and medication finds in schools and industry. They are all going to live with former handlers, who couldn’t wait to let them live out their retirement years in luxury and style! Chief in Dallas retired: Majic and Rex in Houston retired, and we had a party! …Read More