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October 2014

Interquest in the News: Grandview School District bringing in dogs to help ensure local students’ safety

Reposted from Daily Sun News, Sunnyside, Washington GRANDVIEW – In an effort to maintain a safe learning environment in its schools, the Grandview School District recently inked a contract with Ron Grogan of Interquest Detection Canines in Polson, Mont. Grogan is responsible for the company’s Northwest territory and visited Grandview High, Compass High and Grandview Middle schools last week.  He said his dog, Rudy, has been specially trained for detecting …Read More

Keeping Students Safe. Teens who Smoke Pot Daily are 60% More Likely to Drop Out of School

Reposted from “The Daily Signal” Teens who smoke marijuana daily are over 60 percent less likely to graduate from high school than their peers who never use, according to a study released this month. According to The Lancet Psychiatry, a British health research journal, teens who smoke marijuana daily are “also 60 percent less likely to graduate college and seven times more likely to attempt suicide,” per the Washington Post report. The researchers found “clear and …Read More