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March 2015

Dabbing Marijuana, Puppies, Guns in Schools and Oklahoma Drug Dog Introduction!

Have You Heard About “Dabbing”?   Dabbing is a process to ingest marijuana in a high potency form (70-90% THC). Typically ingested using a bong or vapor pen. The marijuana wax is heated with a blowtorch, and the result is a vapor that can be inhaled. For more info, click here. “K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools by Interquest Canines   Introducing Brian, Misty and the canines of Interquest of Oklahoma Mon, Feb. 16, …Read More

Concealing the Odor of Marijuana

Known as “sploof” or “bounce blower”, a method commonly used by marijuana smokers to attempt to conceal the odor of the smoke. Basically, it’s a toilet paper tube with dryer sheets attached to one end with rubber bands. Our Interquest Detection Canines can locate and our handlers can identify them in schools and industry!