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October 2016

October Newsletter! Danger of Common OTC Drug, Firearm in School, New Video

Did you know? Some drug users are using a common over-the-counter product to get high.  According to a report by Annals of Emergency Medicine, Imodium A-D works in the body the same way as heroin, morphine and Oxycodone.  The user would have to take an extremely large dose (50-300 pills) to get the desired effect. For original article, click HERE. “K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools by Interquest Canines (not …Read More

Minnesota School Uses Interquest to Deter Potential Gun Violence

ORIGINAL ARTICLE WITH VIDEO HERE.  CROOKSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) The possibility of a school shooting is a parent’s worst nightmare. However, at Crookston High School they’ve added a new layer of security to keep firearms and ammunition out of the school and off school property. Crookston has enlisted the help of a specially trained dog. Schools in Fargo and Grand Forks occasionally have police dogs search for drugs. It’s …Read More

Detection Dogs in Schools Works, Drug Incidences Down 39.2%!

As reposted from the Manteca Bulletin. Original article HERE. The Manteca Unified war on drugs is making progress. The number of suspensions and expulsions from drug-related incidents on campuses dropped by 39.2 percent in the 2015-2016 school year compared to 2014-2015. There were 89 drug-related incidents last school year that ended with suspensions and 15 with explosions. In the previous year there were 157 suspensions and 14 explosions. Based on …Read More