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Does Your Dog Need a Job?

Does your dog drive you crazy with his enthusiasm? Does he beg for attention and endlessly bring you his favorite toy over and over for a fun game of fetch? Maybe he is trying to tell you he wants a job as a detection canine!

If you would like to see about having your dog considered by Interquest Detection Canines for an exciting career opportunity – we are interested in hearing from you.  Or if you are a breeder of hunting dogs or a trainer with dogs that just don’t make the cut for other types of work – we are interested in talking to you also. We do not hire already trained detection dogs, or “rent” dogs for detection work, all dogs are owned by Interquest and placed with handlers after training is completed.

If your dog can answer YES to these basic questions, he might be on his way to becoming a future Detection Canine Training Candidate:

Between 6 months and 3 years old
Friendly to people and other dogs
Natural desire to retrieve and hunt
Sporting breed (retriever/spaniel) or mixes of such
Travel well in vehicle
Comfortable both indoors and out
40-80 pounds weight range

Looking good so far? Here are a few tests your dog must pass prior to being considered into the training program…

Take your dog away from your house to an unfamiliar area and bring his favorite toy.  A field of tall grass works well for this evaluation.  You want to be able to throw the toy so the dog cannot see it laying on the ground from where you stand.


Throw the toy 15 times at least 30 feet away each time.
He must retrieve the toy every time without losing focus or being distracted.


Hold the dog by the collar, throw the toy into some tall grass. Then spin dog to disorient him, and let him go search.
Look for the dog to use his sense of smell to find the toy instead of sight.


“Fake throw” the toy, and see if the dog will go out and search for it with minimal encouragement. While the dog is searching, casually toss or place the toy out where the dog doesn’t see it. The object is that the dog will continue to search until the toy is found without losing interest or becoming distracted.

If your dog passes these basic tests – tell us about it!  There are more evaluations to pass and we don’t always have a trainer close to where you live, but we just might have an exciting career in store for your dog!

Email    Click the button to contact our Corporate Trainer, Tracy.

Watch video for an example of a preliminary test

If the dog passes the preliminary outdoor evaluation, the second test is indoors. This is a test that you can perform yourself to determine if the dog may be a qualified candidate.

Watch video for visual demonstration: