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Franchise Opportunities

  • We are the nation’s leading source for Contraband Detection Canine Services.  We offer a proven program for success with our comprehensive contraband detection franchise opportunity. Your role as an Interquest Detection Canine franchisee will include:

    • Providing Canine Contraband Detection Services to local schools and businesses
    • Helping to keep students and employees safe
    • Meeting with administrators, parents, teachers and students—as well as business managers and law enforcement officials
    • Providing a vital service to your community

    The Interquest franchise opportunity is based on years of research and development, as well as teamwork. Our system of doing business is based on the principle that “we are all on the same team!”

    “I began as a canine handler almost 13 years ago, co-owned the Michigan franchise for several years and eventually became the current and sole owner of Interquest Detection Canines of Michigan… Having been able to see Interquest from all of these different positions within the company, I can attest to the effectiveness of our program, the unmatched quality of our canines, the continued assistance and support of the corporate office to its franchises, and the continued mission to be the best canine detection company around. It has been my joy and privilege to be a part of Interquest Detection Canines.”

    Kim - Interquest Franchise Owner


    Kim Heys
    President, Interquest Detection Canines of Michigan, Inc.



    Interquest Contraband Detection Canine checking red school lockers


  • Whether you are a former law enforcement official, an educator, dog trainer, concerned parent, or simply someone who enjoys dogs, an Interquest franchise can be an exciting and profitable opportunity for you. Schools that have implemented an Interquest program witness dramatic reductions in the presence of drugs and contraband. Accordingly, once a school or business implements Interquest services they enjoy an ongoing commitment to the program. As an Interquest franchise owner, you can build your own successful business with:

    • Results – a proven popular concept with a growing market niche
    • Experience – a home team with over two decades of experience in providing detection canines to schools and industry
    • Support – a nationwide network of support, serving over 6 million students and numerous Fortune 1000 corporations
    • Reputation – a national reputation for quality, reliability and integrity

    Currently, Interquest is located in a number of states and geographic locations throughout the United States. If you are considering a business start up opportunity with unlimited financial potential and the chance to work with “man’s best friend”, Interquest may be the franchise opportunity for you. We invite you to review our site to learn more about our business. If you believe this is the right business opportunity for you, we invite you to complete our Preliminary Information Form and fax it to 281 320-2512.  We will forward you a more complete information package once we have received and reviewed the form.

     Preliminary Information Form  

    If you would like to know more about the Interquest K9 Franchise opportunity, e-mail us or call us at 800-481-7768.

    Email for Franchise Information

    Interquest Contraband Detection Canine checking white drawers