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March 2018 Newsletter: Gun Safety on School Campuses, Drug Dealer Finds

Another Tool to Insure a Safe and Secure Learning Environment
The ongoing incidence of gun violence on campus gives rise to seeking every reasonable measure to insure the school campus represents a safe and secure learning environment for all concerned. Our scent trained canines complement that objective by providing a proactive effort to minimize the presence of gunpowder based items being found in backpacks, lockers and vehicles parked on campus. 
“K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools by Interquest Canines
Recent dealer finds removed from school campuses nationwide

Interquest Detection Canines 


March 2018
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Zeus and Sydney welcomed 9 beautiful puppies, some of which we hope will become super sniffers!

Miley and Lucy of North Valley, California, enjoy some down time with their handlers between assignments. 


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