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October Newsletter! Danger of Common OTC Drug, Firearm in School, New Video

Did you know?
Some drug users are using a common over-the-counter product to get high.  According to a report by Annals of Emergency Medicine, Imodium A-D works in the body the same way as heroin, morphine and Oxycodone.  The user would have to take an extremely large dose (50-300 pills) to get the desired effect. For original article, click HERE.
“K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools by Interquest Canines
(not actual firearm)
During a visit to a high school campus this fall one of our Detection Canines alerted its handler to a student vehicle in the parking lot. The subsequent inspection revealed a firearm. Upon further investigation by the authorities it was later revealed that the student had planned to use the gun on himself. The intervention saved the student’s life that day.

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