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Concealing the Odor of Marijuana

Known as “sploof” or “bounce blower”, a method commonly used by marijuana smokers to attempt to conceal the odor of the smoke. Basically, it’s a toilet paper tube with dryer sheets attached to one end with rubber bands. Our Interquest Detection Canines can locate and our handlers can identify them in schools and industry!

Interquest in the News! Killeen, Texas School Safety Week.

Drug detection dogs, Vegas and Sturgis, are visiting students all week at Killeen ISD in Central Texas’ School Safety Week. They are talking to students about the dangers of bringing drugs, alcohol, medications and gunpowder based items on campus. Vegas, a trained drug and contraband dog, did a demonstration of his contraband detection skills. Vegas and Sturgis, along with their handlers, James and Carrie are visiting the school campuses one …Read More

Interquest Detection Canines NEW Website is Live

Welcome to Interquest Detection Canines new website, we invite you to browse and see why we are the oldest and largest Contraband Detection and Drug Dog service provider.  Also, please take the time to visit our YouTube page for some video of our dogs working, video of dogs for sale, detection dog preliminary evaluations, and some of our news clips from our Oklahoma, Montana, and Minnesota offices.  We hope you …Read More