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March 2018 Newsletter: Gun Safety on School Campuses, Drug Dealer Finds

Another Tool to Insure a Safe and Secure Learning Environment   The ongoing incidence of gun violence on campus gives rise to seeking every reasonable measure to insure the school campus represents a safe and secure learning environment for all concerned. Our scent trained canines complement that objective by providing a proactive effort to minimize the presence of gunpowder based items being found in backpacks, lockers and vehicles parked on …Read More

Minnesota School Uses Interquest to Deter Potential Gun Violence

ORIGINAL ARTICLE WITH VIDEO HERE.  CROOKSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) The possibility of a school shooting is a parent’s worst nightmare. However, at Crookston High School they’ve added a new layer of security to keep firearms and ammunition out of the school and off school property. Crookston has enlisted the help of a specially trained dog. Schools in Fargo and Grand Forks occasionally have police dogs search for drugs. It’s …Read More